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The Route

And we're off! We left this morning at 6:25 towing our home on wheels behind us. The kids were surprised to see the camper stay right behind us as we left camp, and for the first 10 minutes Kinley assigned herself as the camper patrol, informing us about 7 times that the camper was still there. I'm very excited to share the many places we will be going over the next two months! We have our route to Savannah pretty well mapped out, but the route back is yet to be determined. Chris and I just have a few states left to cross off our list (look for the * to see which ones), so we're finishing off our mainland states first thing. 1. New Mexico 2. Colorado 3. Nebraska* 4. South Dakota 5. North Dakota* 6. Minnesota 7. Wisconsin 8. Michigan* 9. Illinois 10. Indiana 11. Kentucky 12. Tennessee 13. Georgia If you want to know exact dates of when we'll be in your state, send us a message. After we're done with the 3 states* above, Chris and I will only have Alaska left! We put in about 9.5 hours of driving today, including stops, and now we've set up camp for the night. We got a spot right on a pretty lake with the most gorgeous sunset. We were planning on having a campsite with electricity, but I'm kind of glad that didn't work out. We had to improvise dinner, which consisted of spaghetti noodles, 2 cans of vegan chili, a can of corn, a can of chopped tomatoes, sour cream and cheese...and EVERYONE had seconds! The kids played in the lake and finished the daylight covered in mud. Showers were had, and now I'm wrapping up this post, listening to Iron & Wine while Foster sleeps, and Chris and the girls are at the campfire next door roasting marshmallows. It wasn't a perfect day. We left the house later than planned, we couldn't book the campsite we wanted, we forgot to pack a corkscrew for the celebratory wine we have in our fridge, and poor Foster couldn't understand why he couldn't sleep in his bed at home. It took me over an hour to get him to stop crying and settle down, but I got to lay there with him and snuggle him. (He's such a great sleeper at home that I never get to do that!). While I laid there, I couldn't help but think why God would give us such an amazing opportunity as this. And when I thought it wasn't possible to be any more grateful, Foster rolls over with sleepy eyes and a quiet voice and says, "Thank you mom." I'm so happy to be here on this lake with my family in the middle of New Mexico, following a dream of ours. I wouldn't trade this day for anything... Good night, and happy dreaming!

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