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Jujitsu & Dessert

Some people look for all the traditional land marks and attractions while road tripping. For us, however, our #roadtripgoals look a little different.

Chris has been doing jujitsu on and off for about 2.5 years, and lately he's been super consistent. Rather than lose all that progress, he has researched several jujitsu schools along our route to visit as we pass through.

I felt a little jealous of his goal, so I set one of my own...I like a good challenge after all. I decided that every time Chris goes to jujitsu, the kids and I will search for some yummy sweet treats. Perhaps I'll even put up some Yelp reviews as we go!

Yesterday Chris visited the 12:30 class at Prime Jujitsu in Colorado Springs, while the kids and I tried some tasty treats from Cole's Gourmet Treats. They had a blast walking through the vast array of delectable sweets and finally, after several indecisive minutes, settled on their choices.

After that stop, we made our way north another hour to stay with our amazing friends, Adam and Brook and their awesome kids, who we see far too seldom! Our kids have been playing non-stop since we got out of the car, and we're all grateful for this non-travel day to stretch our legs. Tomorrow we all set off together for a 4 night camping trip in South Dakota, where our other friends, the Warnes, will join us over the weekend. We're super excited for this first big stop!


So far we have...

~driven 15 hours

~covered 870 miles

~filled our gas tank 5 times

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