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Camping Swag

In the weeks leading up to our departure from Arizona, we had several friends ask how they could help us in this wild endeavor. We were blown away by the love and support so many of you showed us, but we didn't feel right asking for help from anyone without offering something in return.

Over the last 8 months, Chris has been working in graphic design and has truly found a new gift! He's been trying his hand at different techniques, and finally landed on a style of his own where he sketches a picture, scans it into the computer, and digitizes it into something printable...and awesome!

We launched our store at the same time as the website, but have since simplified it. If you purchased a single sticker before this change, we will be mailing you a sticker pack at the end of this week. T-shirts are on a pre-order basis, which means you can order your shirts now, and we will place the entire shirt order on June 14th. (This way we know exactly how many we need without over-ordering...)

Our gas mileage is less than ideal...we have already filled up our gas tank 7 times in the last 5 days. We appreciate EVERY ORDER! And thanks so much to those of you who have already ordered from our store!

We are currently at a beautiful campsite in South Dakota with very limited wifi, so watch for a big camping post at the end of the weekend. Thanks for reading and following along with us!

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