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Here's to 15 Years!

15 years ago today, these two southerners stood together in a park in Savannah, Georgia exchanging vows. No one really knows what to expect from that vantage point...all that lies ahead...the good times, the bad times, and where life will take them. We certainly never thought we would live in Africa or work at a summer camp in Arizona. Even a year ago, I never thought we would be sitting here in Michigan, right across the street from Lake Superior, living a dream we've had for our kids for over a decade.

Because we've been working at a large youth camp for the past 9 summers, our anniversary celebration is usually a night's escape to dinner and a movie. We really wanted to make #15 super special, but we didn't actually think we were going to be able to do that.

And yet here we are! There will be no date tonight, and we're not at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean...far from it. But we are in a new state...our 49th state to be exact! Over the past week we've crossed off our remaining mainland states, leaving only Alaska.

We have had so many adventures together, and we're so happy to be sharing our love of travel with our kids. I shared our new scratch map in an earlier post, but here's how it looks now on this trip.

This map will only be used for states we visit all together as a family of 5, starting with this summer. (We'll add the others we've been to previously once we're back in AZ)

There are several themes to our life right time, travel, adventure, uncertainty, faith, trust...and even with an unclear future, I just couldn't be happier! No matter where we go, or where we end up, I'm so grateful to be married to this amazing man, and I feel so humbled and fortunate to be living this life with these awesome redheads of mine.

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