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The Kind of Dad He Is

He's always impressed me, this man of mine. We've been together for 18 years, married for 15, and I'm sure I know him better than anyone else on the planet. So let me tell you what kind of dad he is...

He's the kind of dad who brings My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shops to soccer practice, to teach the 5 year old girls the rules of the game.

He's the kind of dad who lets his daughters paint his toenails rainbow colors before he goes to jiujitsu practice.

He's the kind of dad who wrestles with his kids, tickles his kids, flies them like airplanes on his feet, and throws them in the air when they swim.

He's the kind of dad who always thinks to make hot chocolate when it's cold outside. 

He's the kind of dad who never misses a birthday, and prays for his kids at every birthday party. 

He's the kind of dad who would risk it all, including the security of his job and house, to spend quality time with his kids...building their bond and making lasting memories. 

He's the man they look up to, depend on, look for in the crowd at their recital...he keeps us safe, works hard, and sacrifices consistently and unconditionally. 

He teaches our kids about loving all people, and he does this by example. They've seen him leave the country to give people clean water...they've seen him not just give money to a poor person on the side of the road, but actually get out of the car and shake the person's hand and ask them their name...they've seen him chat with elderly people he didn't know while on his way to Nanny's room in the nursing home...they've heard him pray in the car for people we pass who've been in an accident. 

They have a dad who has devoted his life to ministry, answering God's call on his life. He does this even when the pay isn't good or when other people in ministry let him down. He teaches them the most important truth our kids can know, and it is far more valuable than a large paycheck or fancy title. 

We love him. We love him so much, and we are so thankful he's ours! Happy Father's Day Chris, you most definitely deserve it! You complete us.

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