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Michigan's Best Kept Secret

You know you've found a great town when you pay compliments to the various residents you meet, and after they thank you, they quietly put one finger over pursed lips, wanting their secret kept safe. Marquette is a hidden gem in the Upper Peninsula, nestled up to the great Lake Superior. We found a quirky little RV park with a very nice owner and several spots to choose from, right across the street from the beach.

The first night we went into town and ate at a cool Cajun restaurant with a great vibe. In anticipation of our Savannah visit, it was too tempting to resist, but I had my doubts for sure as to whether or not this tiny town across the water from Canada could actually pull off this particular cuisine. It was incredible! Over the next few days we tried another pub downtown for some white fish and chips, and my new favorite bakery on the planet...seriously. The Huron Mountain Bakery is as ordinary as they come on the outside, but the aroma and beautiful pastries, cakes and breads that greet you as you walk in the door are captivating! I wish I could share a picture of the delectable box of donuts we purchased, but we scarfed them down before even a thought of my blog crossed my mind. We did, however, go back again for a delicious loaf of sourdough bread.

Another highlight was the boat tour we took to Pictured Rocks...

But our favorite spot in Marquette was the Kids' Cove Playground down by the harbor. It was a giant wooden park beside the water (but a safe distance away) that had plenty of benches for us parents to sit and watch our kids play while enjoying the beautiful view.

We love Marquette. And I kid you not, every person we saw just looked so happy to be there. But then again, that's probably because it's June, and the snow had finally left only a few weeks before. So as much as we enjoyed our time there, I'm sure I don't want to find out how this town fairs in the middle of winter.

So long Marquette, you were a wonderful surprise!

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