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The Adventure Continues, With a New Look...

Bettye the camper has captured our hearts on this epic, adventurous summer. Oh the memories we've made: playing countless games of Uno on the couch, tight-quartered dance parties, snuggling close on stormy nights, Foster rolling out of his bed...several times, Chris' straw RV hat, the girls playing with flashlights at night in their bed, the smell of campfires and sunscreen...the list goes on. 

To see so many new places, and yet come back to a familiar bed at night, gave us all a sense of routine when there was in fact very little! While staying with wonderful friends and family had its own appeal and fun, coming back to the camper just felt so right. We thought by the end of this summer we'd be losing our minds with so little space, but instead, the coziness of Bettye brought us together as a family in such a special way. 

In two days time we will arrive back in Prescott, with our memories and stories in tow. And although this summer is coming to an end, our adventure continues... unfortunately without our beloved camper. Where we are heading, she simply can't come along.

So...our summer home is in need of a good family. But please note: adventures, laughter, and love are all required. 

She is in excellent shape, and the remodel pics can be found HERE. We are asking $6,000. If you're interested, send me an email at 

More details on what's next for the Holohans coming soon!

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