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Our Next Steps

If you've been reading along with us since May, you've probably heard us reference this new chapter we're on. It's a common enough phrase, and one that immediately makes sense to people when they hear it or use it themselves. And it's easy enough, as you get older, to look back on your life and identify the different chapters that have been added to your life story thus far.

In literature, we are taught early on that all stories must have conflict, and ultimately, resolution. Interesting that in a place of pure creative freedom, where an author could write anything he/she chooses, that almost all authors include this element, even though none of us willingly or intentionally add conflict to our own lives. Even more interesting, is the fact that we read those stories, we are drawn to them in fact...the bigger the conflict, the more incredible the resolution.

Yet when it comes to real life, we instinctively do our best to prevent or avoid trials and difficulties, because no one has written out the resolution for us. We stand in the author's shoes, looking left and right trying to write out the next steps, yet without the freedom to choose our own ending. The inability to see what lies ahead can be paralyzing.

Or perhaps God keeps the future hidden from us to protect help us live in the now and be in the moment. To turn to, rely on, and trust, Him.

Chris and I have been in a fairly long period of struggle...not with each other, but just with life circumstances. We have known for a few years now that God was preparing us for a change, but we didn't know when or what. Last fall things got worse, specifically with our jobs, and we knew change was right around the corner. And we hoped that this change would be our resolution.

Last Monday we had a call with friends in Hawaii who run a beautiful kids camp on the island of Kauai, and on August 2nd we will be flying over there to volunteer with them for a few months and potentially join their staff! Makanalani, which means 'a gift from heaven', is a place where kids can go to camp, at no cost, and experience a beautiful part of the island, a 130 acre farm with sheep, donkeys, and dairy cows, and experience God's love for them in a new way. The work that is being done there is incredible, and we are so excited to have this opportunity to go be a part of what is already happening there!

Perhaps this is the resolution that we have been praying for... It is impossible to know all that lies ahead of course, and unlike a novel we all know that in life, conflict and resolution is a circle. Beyond resolution lies more conflict, and resolution, and so on. And we will be living in a one bedroom apartment to start, so conflict is almost a given right there! But we are hopeful, and excited, and so amazed at the way this has all unfolded, starting with Kinley randomly praying at the end of December that we would move to Hawaii...a prayer she has prayed almost every day since. We have no idea where she thought of that, or heard of Hawaii, or why she wanted this so badly, and yet here we are!

We are so very grateful for all the love and support we have received this summer as we ventured out on our crazy road trip! It was literally the best summer we have ever had. Keep watching this site as our story continues!

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