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Best Summer Ever, Officially In the Books

Time flies you know. And of course, the more fun you're having, the more it picks up speed.

I know we've said it a million times, here on the blog, on Instagram and Facebook posts, in person to many of you...but it really was the best summer we have ever had! I knew when we resigned that we were doing the right thing, mostly because of the specific ways God had been answering our prayers leading up to that point. But that doesn't mean it was easy. In fact, it was downright scary. But sometimes the best decisions are.

The camper, the miles, the laughs, the memories, the weather, the mosquitoes, the games, the maps, the sunscreen, the reunions, the bonding. And then the move.

I've caught myself, at least 3 times since arriving on the island Wednesday, reflecting on all that God gave us this summer while joyful tears welled up in my eyes. Even now...

I mentioned in a previous post (HERE) that Kinley began praying in December that we would move to Hawaii. She said that prayer almost every single night for 7 months. What I didn't mention is one night this spring, in one of those special moments that last in your mind forever, when Kinley asked me, "Mom, when is God going to say yes?"

The faith of a is truly fascinating to witness such trust and confidence without any doubt lurking in the shadows. She didn't ask me if God would say yes, or why hasn't He said yes...just when.

Now my sweet girl. The answer is now, and we are so incredibly grateful to be here. But we are even more excited to work with the people here at Makanalani who are kind, generous, humble, and caring, at a place that is safe, welcoming, enriching, and fun for kids!

School and work start tomorrow...our summer is officially over...but I'm so glad our journey continues. Keep watching this site for more on Makanalani soon!

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